Frequently Asked Questions…

1.) How do I become a vendor, and do I need to have a vendor license?

You must go to the specific event page on this website, find the vendor form link on the page, fill it out and email or snail-mail it with all the information requested. We won’t follow up if any information is missing.

All artists, crafters, book authors, third party vendors, cottage food vendors, non-profit organizations and musicians don’t require to have a city license when attending our venues. Only food vendors require to have all permits and license for their operations. 

2.) Where can I find the vendor form(s)?

All vendor forms are linked from the specific event pages: winter-haven-saturday-markets, 863 Local Art Fest, and Haven Holiday Market. All forms are also on the Apps & Pay page.

3.) Do you provide tables, chairs and canopies at these events for the vendors?

No. We provide the 10 x 10 space. All vendors are responsible for bringing their own tables, chairs, weights, canopies and anything else they need for their space.

4.) Can I just set up with a table or two. Do I have to have a canopy?

Yes, you have to have a 10 x 10 canopy to participate in any of CFEV events.

5.) Do I have to have a white canopy for the 863 Local Art Fest?

Yes. Because it is a fine arts and crafts event, we require everyone to have a white canopy with straight down legs like the white picture tent we recommend on our site. The only exceptions to this are the sponsors.

6.) Exactly when are the Winter Haven Saturday Markets, and what are the hours?

All dates for the market season are listed on the Saturday Market page, and all vendor fees are listed on the Rules & Regulations Vendor Form. Event hours are from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Vendors need to get there earlier to set up (7:15 a.m. usually), and will leave later as they are not allowed to break down until 3 p.m.

7.) Do my products, or business qualify for the Saturday Markets, or annual events?

You must send your vendor form to us for review to see if you qualify.

8.) Do you allow third party companies to participate at the Saturday Markets?

Yes, however only one rep per company will be allowed when prepaid for the whole year. For example, there will not be two LuLaRoe vendors, or two Origami Owl vendors at the same market.

9.) Do you allow third party companies to participate at the bigger annual events?

No. However, third party company reps can participate as vendors at the Saturday Markets.

10.) How much does it cost to attend the  Winter Haven Saturday Markets, and/or the annual events?

All vendor rates and discounted quarterly fees (for Saturday Markets) are on the specific event vendor application forms: Saturday Markets, 863 Local Art Fest, and Haven Holiday Market. All forms are also on the Apps & Pay page.

11.) Can I share my booth with another vendor when attending venues?


12.) Do I get refund or vendor credit if I cannot make it, or when the event is cancelled due to weather, or other things out of your control?


13.) Are the Saturday Markets year-round?

No, they are CLOSED in July and August.

14.) Do I have to send a new vendor form each year when applying for the new Saturday market season or the annual events?


15.) Can I have the same spot each market or each annual event?

No. Spots are generally assigned on a first-come, first-served basis according to needs such as electricity, shade, handicapped issues, etc. Please also be mindful that we cannot control the city grounds, such as there being too many leaves or acorns, or the grass being wet from a recent rain or sprinkler. 

16.) Is this a pet-friendly event, and may I bring my pet when attending?

Absolutely. Please be respectful and clean up after your pet. 

17.) Do you offer exclusivity to vendors?

In general, no. The only exclusivity offered is to the third party vendors. It is ultimately up to the event manager’s discretion; we believe that competition is a good thing and provides for a plethora of options for the shoppers.   

18.) Where are the events held?

Currently, all Winter Haven events are held in the downtown park blocks. While the park blocks themselves don’t have an address, this is what you need to put into a GPS: 469 W Central Ave, Winter Haven, Florida 33881 – here is a map.   

19.) What type of payments do you accept?

Checks, Money Orders, or Zelle to account 8632583561.


Still have a question? Please contact us.