Virtual Vendor Instructions


We are hosting the 863 Art Fest ONLINE this year due to the Coronavirus. It is now called the Virtual 863 Art Fest!

In the video above there is a sample video “commercial.”

Please make your own video and get it to us by email:, or via (open a free account, upload the file, and share the link with us by email), or upload to or (or whatever is easiest for you). Send us the links to your videos and the information requested in the video above.

Here are some quick guidelines and tips for everyone’s video “commercial” to showcase your products and/or services:

Your videos should be a maximum of 3 minutes and should be 100% family-friendly. You can shoot and edit your video on your smart phone (LOTS more specific info about this in the video above – watch it!).

In your videos..

  • Introduce yourself
  • Give a 15-30 second “elevator speech” about your products or services
  • Focus in on some of your products (actual photos are great)
  • Give a ballpark range of prices.
  • Let people know if you can do any of the following: FaceTime, email, text.
  • Include contact info, such as your phone number, email, website, social media pages, and / or internet selling site (such as Etsy). 

Not editing your videos on your phone, but rather on a PC or Mac? Here are a couple of links to desktop video editing software options: Google search 1 and Google search 2.

Don’t want to do a video commercial or don’t have the resources? Please email us no more than 5 high-resolution photos and the following info: 

  • Business name
  • Three sentences about your products and/or services
  • Again…
  • Let people know if you can do any of the following: FaceTime, email, text.
  • Include contact info: phone number, email, website, social media page(s), internet selling site (such as Etsy).

Receiving money and shipping your physical product.

We recommend using the online monetary services such as PayPal and Square to accept payment. 

Once you have received payment, prepare your item(s) for shipment by packaging well. You can order packing and shipping supplies online from Priority mailers and boxes from USPS will require the Priority shipping rates.

A quick rule of thumb is that if it is a pound or over (453.59 grams = 16 oz = 1 lb) then it has to be shipped priority rate–no matter the packaging used. Anything less than a pound can go first class.

Use a kitchen scale to weigh both the item you’re shipping and the packaging. or the super secret PayPal shipping link and enter the required information (destination, weight, dimensions, etc.). 

Pay the shipping fee, print out the shipping label, affix to the package, and hand it over to your regular home postal delivery person. No need to leave your house at all!

We will post your videos and vendor business information on for 6 months and continue to promote the virtual event during that time.

Please get us your videos and business info as soon as possible to maximize your exposure.

We hope these tips have been helpful and we hope this virtual event is a success for all!

Questions / videos / photos / information: